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It is Easy to Haul Water
Hauling your own water may give you a picture of ladies & children carrying baskets on their heads as they head for the stream. That was in the frontier days. Today it is a lot simpler.

You drive your truck or car that has a water storage tank on it to the coin-operated well. Hours at the well may be limited in the summer.

There are two wells in the Meadview area and two in the Dolan Springs area. You pull up to well, insert the hose into your storage tank. Put a quarter into the coin box and around 50 gallons of water will come out. You can put in however many quarters you need to fill your tank.

When your storage tank is full, you take out the hose and drive back to your home. There you release the water into your water holding tank. A pump will take the water into your home just like regular running water. When the holding tank gets low, you go get more water.

To haul your own water is less costly than having city water and it is good enough to drink. The majority of people in the area haul their own water or have it delivered. If you still think the idea sounds to primitive. You can have it delivered or We do have some lots that have ciy water available or you can dig your own well.

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